Novice Fisherman

Novice Fisherman Hooks 1st Catch!

Novice FishermanIt was a great day and the waters were calm on the west coast of Barbados. We had the pleasure of taking out John, a novice fishermen. I instructed John on the proper handling of the rod and reel. “Tip of the rod goes down while winding, to take the tension off. Then stop, and pull up” He was an attentive student. Before we knew it, the outrigger surface rod went off and John was hauling in his first tuna. About an hour later, we caught a barracuda. Towards the end of the trip we hooked a king fish that ran out about 100 feet of line and then disengaged. John is looking forward to return to Barbados for another fishing trip. He got hooked in Barbados on Reel Deep.

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