fish in the sea

Fish In The Sea

fish in the sea

Fish In The Sea

This was a perfect day for fishing. The water was pretty warm and was cobalt blue. The wind was a bit gusty. Four mates from England joined us on a bet for who was going to catch the largest and most fish.

In the first hour we had a double strike of mahi-mahi. One on a ballyhoe rig with a 9-O hook. The other with a tuna strap with small squid. Sadly, the tuna strap gave out as soon as the second dolphin was about to be grid and popped the line.

Shortly after we had an easy barracuda catch that was pretty far out and a straight fight to the boat on a ballyhoe rig.

Three hours into the trip the down rigger went off and took 100 yard of line and after a 25 minute fight, it resulted in a 22 pound wahoo. 

All in all, we had a pretty good bounty including a variety of fish in the sea bonita, wahoo, barracuda and mahi-mahi. 

Steve, who spent most of the trip relaxing, watching the water, enjoying the breeze looking at the coastline won the bet and brought home the bacon.

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