Top Barbados Boating Ideas

Top Barbados Boating Ideas

As an island destination, boating is the primary activity for those that visit Barbados. There are a host of Barbados boating ideas to do and see on the stunning, transparent waters that surround Barbados. There is a wide variety of activities you can do while you are at sea. Below are a few of the most enjoyable  boating experiences Barbados has to offer.

Barbados boating ideas

Catamaran trips

There are plenty of things one can do near the shore of Barbados. Catamarans have large twin-hulled watercraft and perfect for shallower waters.  Among one of the most preferred activities is to take a snorkeling journey out to the reefs. This is where you can swim in the tranquil Caribbean sea and get close to the native sea life. The clear water makes it perfect for seeing the variety of tropical fish, turtles and stingrays. Be sure to check out the various other wonderful creatures that live amongst the brilliantly tinted corals.

Exclusive private yacht

If you are looking for something extra special, consider hiring a private luxury yacht for the day. Barbados has the most glamorous private charter vessels in the Caribbean  Take a trip with your friends for complete personal privacy in superb environments. Relax comfortably, customize your locations and take pleasure in the terrific services. Most private yachts offer your choice of mixed drinks, wines and also chef-prepared lunches that you can either enjoy on the boat or as a picnic on a quiet coastline.

Glass bottom watercraft

There are numerous glass-bottom boat trips readily available on the western coastline of the island, particularly near the Holetown and also Paynes Bay. Glass boat boats are a treat for family members with children who aren’t ready for snorkeling. These boats allow visitors to view the undersea as they glide over the coral reefs. Most glass-bottom boat expeditions drop anchor at various points to allow guests to go swimming or snorkeling have the chance to do so.

Deep-sea fishing

Other Barbados boating ideas include deep sea fishing. Reel Deep boat offers Barbados fishing charters from the month of December up until April. The deeper waters of the coastline are excellent for game fishing. Varieties include blue and white marlin, sailfish, wahoo, barracuda, yellowfin tuna as well as dolphinfish (mahi-mahi) — all in abundance.


Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or fishing for the very first time, you will enjoy an experience with Reel Deep boat along the western shore. We have professional guides that recognize the best areas to find fish and who can offer you all the professional help you need to hook a catch.

Reel Deep is completely furnished with bait and rods. As a result, you won’t need to take anything besides your sunglasses and your electronic camera. Charters are typically for up to eight people and can be hired for four to six hours.

Sunset cruises

Barbados is renowned for its fantastic sunsets and is one of the most effective ways to enjoy a sunset. Take in a breath taking view from the deck of a boat out at sea. Consider Reel Deeps boat sunset cruises. We can customize your cruise with seafood, exotic cocktails, alcohol, champagne, hors d’oeuvres and a delicious buffet. It’s a remarkable way to spend an enchanting night checking out the palm-lined coast as well as watching the sun go down over an unblemished horizon.


If you enjoy wakeboarding, wake browsing, jet surfing, water skiing or being drawn along on a tow plaything, consider chartering a powerboat for a day. These are little yet powerful watercraft that are perfect to take a small group of guests for an adventurous day of offshore water sports. Some drivers will even let you have a go at driving the boat on your own.

Barbados boating ideas

In addition, many powerboats feature sunlight loungers, a shaded canopy, as well as restrooms.  You may stop at a dining establishment along the way or beverages and food can be provided on your trip.

Pirate boat tour

Barbados has it’s very own a pirate ship for visitors to enjoy called the Jolly Roger, the islands. The Jolly Roger sets off for a snorkeling journey prior to providing visitors a superb lunch and party games. Likewise, there’s a sunbathing deck for you to unwind on and watch the world pass.

Barbados is just as enchanting offshore as it is by land. Reel Deep Boat has so much to offer tourists looking for an exciting time. Adventures include  private charters, glass-bottom boat trips and romantic sunset cruises. For more excitement consider deep-sea angling trips, snorkeling journeys and other powerboat delights. To sum up Barbados boating ideas, no vacation or holiday is complete unless it includes the best of Barbados by sea. Discover a watercraft scenic tour along the calmer waters of the western coastline.

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